Hi, my name is Rejeanne!

I'm an aspiring UX/UI designer with a background in illustration and design. Having just completed BrainStation's  intensive User Experience Design diploma, I'm very excited to jump start a new career and am looking forward to the learning opportunties ahead!

I originally found my way to the design world by working on student publications at York University while completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Having seen that combining art and communication was an exciting and useful field to explore, I decided to take Humber College's Graphic Design program.

My art background comes in handy throughout all my design work, informing colour selection and composition,  and allowing me to branch out into different art mediums to enrich my work and give it a unique flair. 

My professional experience has led me to work at Toronto creative agency Arrivals + Departures, on various campaigns for clients such as Vaughan Mills, designing billboards, print ads, online content, flyers, posters, in-store POS, diecut banners, conference branding, and more. I've also had the opportunity to work on freelance digital design projects and I am a regular guest contributor for Clean Eating Magazine, for which I do illustrations.

In my spare time, I love watching all types of film and documentaries, seeing how many Jeopardy questions I can get right, and sampling all the food Toronto has to offer.